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Private & Professional Services for Women

We provide confidential pregnancy services at no cost to you. No insurance required. 

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If you took a pregnancy test, book an ultrasound to confirm if you are pregnant and how far along you are

considering abortion?

Learn more about abortion pills by mail, in-clinic abortions & all your options in Minnesota

no cost services for women

Unplanned pregnancy services and solutions, classes and education and more - all free of charge

"I liked knowing I was not alone and there were resources available."


YOUR GO-TO resource for FREE pregnancy CARE

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our approach

Amnion Pregnancy Center provides medical services and solutions for anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy or who just needs extra support. If you need to just know how far along you are or need people in your corner during your decision or beyond - we've got your back.

We believe women deserve to get information from a source that does not pressure, coerce or profit from their choice. YOU come first here.


Our free services include in clinic pregnancy tests, medical consultations, ultrasounds, pregnancy resources, and more. ​We also provide information on emergency contraceptives, medical abortions, abortion procedures, and at home abortion pills and your legal options in Minnesota.


Amnion Pregnancy Center is located in Burnsville, MN. We serve Dakota County and the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

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all services are confidential and free of charge
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